Cancellation Policy

We understand that life and work may sometimes need to take priority over your appointment – indeed, we are busy people too!  However to protect us self-employed Therapists against repeat or short-notice cancellations it is necessary to have a policy in place with a chargeable cancellation period.  These charges can be waived at each individual Therapist’s discretion.

You will be reminded of every appointment by text and email, and we ask that if you need to cancel/reschedule your appointment for any reason you just let us know.

We carry a waiting list of people in pain who will appreciate the use of your cancelled appointment.  What’s more, if we are able to fill your appointment with somebody from our waiting list, you will not be charged.

More than 24 hours’ notice No charge
12-24 hours’ notice 50% charge
Less than 12 hours’ notice Full payment is due



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