Rehab Hub is keeping up with the Jones’

Just like in the beginning, the two friends Georgie and Aiden have teamed up once again to deliver the very best for fitness enthusiasts in Biggleswade, both by working in partnership with each other and with a great special offer.  Read on to hear how Rehab Hub clients can experience a week’s free trial at Jones’ Fitness, or even a free personal training session!

Georgie and Aiden first met when he was her personal trainer.  He opened Jones’ Fitness in 2013, and Georgie was right there with him and rented a room from which to practise as a Sport Therapist.  They worked together to help the gym members be their best and are now collaborating again.

Teams from both businesses will be buddying up regularly to support each other with tutorials and workshops, learning how best to refer patients and athletes to each other, and developing their understanding of everyone’s specialised fields.

The trainers at Jones’ Fitness really look after and take an interest in their members.  The quality of their service means that we at the Hub trust that our patients are always going to have the best experience there.

We love Jones’ because:

They also serve awesome coffee and shakes in their coffee shop 😊

We’re so sure you’ll love the Jones’ team too that we would like to invite you to trial a week’s membership for free.  There are even personal training sessions available – just ask when you sign up!  You can do that here, what’s stopping you?!

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