Have you booked your Spring MOT (Maintenance Osteopathy Treatment)?

We all regularly get our cars serviced and checked over for maintenance repairs etc, right? So, why don’t we do this with our bodies too!

It is important to regularly review any previous or new issues within the body and give ourselves a good service on a regular basis; especially as the weather starts to become warmer and a lot of us spend more time getting out and about in the sunshine, which can put more strain on our joints and muscles if we haven’t done so for a while.

When the body is going through seasonal and activity adaptation, we can develop specific issues with joints or muscles, or we could see previous problems reoccur.

This is where we step in, here at the Hub we are helping our patients by offering a Spring Maintenance Osteopathy Treatment (MOT), which can be so beneficial for maintaining a better level of movement, preventing issues developing, and maintaining flexibility and stability during the warmer months.

If you would like to book an MOT you can do so by booking an appointment with our Osteopath Ollie, at a time that suits you.

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