All the way to Qatar – World Cup Challenge!

We are super excited to announce that, as a team, we are going to be taking on our biggest charity challenge yet!

The aim of the challenge is for us to collectively travel the distance it would take us to get from the Hub to Qatar, where this year’s World Cup is being held. Sounds easy enough, right? What about if we tell you this is roughly 4,500 miles? Not so easy now!

The challenge will start on the 21st of May and will finish on the 21st of November, just in time for the World Cup to start.

Each week we will be posting an update on social media, which will tell you how far we have travelled. The team can either run, walk, cycle, swim, skip, jump or hop their miles.

The most exciting part, of course, is that we will be doing this to raise money for a local charity. However, this is where we need your help…with so many amazing charities out there, we are struggling to decide which charity we will be raising money for.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could please recommend a local charity that you think we should be doing this for. Either message us on social media, or drop us an email with your ideas.




We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

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