Flat Feet, Knocking Knees and Inward Pointing Toes

The Little Steps Physiotherapy team, based here at the Rehab Hub regularly assess, advise and rehab these common childhood conditions. Read on to learn more, and consider if you and your child might benefit from their expertise and the peace of mind they can provide.

Children are all individual and grow in their own unique way; parents are often concerned about flat feet, knocking knees or inward pointing toes. These can all be part of normal childhood growth and posture; a specialist paediatric physiotherapy assessment will help to determine if treatment or support is needed.

The majority of children aged 1-5 years have flat feet and will go on to develop a normal arch as they grow. Flat feet can lead to a delay in walking or foot, knee and hip pain. Very rarely, there can be an underlying cause for your child’s flat footed posture. Supportive footwear is important and sometimes insoles can help. There are two types of flat feet – a flexible flat foot or a rigid flat foot – a paediatric physiotherapist can assess and provide treatment if required.

Knocked knees or Genu Valgum is when your child stands up straight and their knees touch but their ankles are apart. This often happens as part of normal growth and will improve as your child leaves primary school. Knocked knees can occasionally be a sign of an underlying condition that may need treatment. If your child suddenly develops knocked knees, presents with pain, a limp or the deformity is getting worse seek medical advice or a physiotherapy assessment.

Pigeon toes or ‘intoeing’ is when your child walks and their feet turn inwards. This twist of the leg can come from the hip, lower leg bone or feet. Intoeing can lead to trips and falls. An assessment from a paediatric physiotherapist can determine if treatment is required, provide advice and activities which aim to improve the position of your child’s legs, and equal any muscle imbalances.

Get in touch with our friendly team at Little Steps Physiotherapy for advice. We run clinics on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays at the Rehab Hub in Biggleswade.

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