Rehab Patient of the Month

Jess Gearing, competitive gymnast at national level, is our ‘Rehab Patient of the Month’ after suffering a painful disc injury

We commend Jess for her strength and determination in overcoming a back injury that prevented her training and competing as a gymnast at national level. Well done Jess, you are our ‘Rehab Patient of the Month!’

Jess came to the Rehab Hub Injury Clinic & Therapy Centre, Biggleswade, to see Luke with high levels of lower back pain which were a cause for concern in such a young athlete. An MRI revealed two disc protrusions at the L4-5 and L5-S1 vertebral levels. The decision was made to manage the injury conservatively and Jess started her rehab journey in January.

Progress was slow and frustrating in the beginning, however through Jess’ hard work and determination, she has continued to overcome multiple challenges and barriers, and is now moving from strength to strength, observing big improvements every session. She has been 100% committed to her rehabilitation in clinic and at home, putting in the effort to push herself whilst listening closely to advice and remaining patient.

Jess’s sessions with Sports Therapist Luke were a mix of hands-on treatment to manage and improve symptoms, and progressive rehabilitation sessions in our gym that started simply and developed over time with Jess’s feedback and symptoms guiding the way. Luke carefully progressed Jess’s exercises to push her, keep her interested and engaged, but never cause pain. Jess’s feedback and co-operation in the rehab partnership has undoubtedly influenced her strong progression.

We commend Jess for all her hard work up to this point, and with her returning to more specific training-based exercise rehabilitation after her current exam period, we are confident that Jess will continue to improve over the coming weeks!

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