All the way to Qatar – World Cup Challenge June Update

4209 miles, 6 months, one amazing charity!

As a team the Rehab Hub practitioners are undertaking their biggest charity challenge ever, in support of the wonderful Multiplesclerosis Therapy Centre, in Bedford. They are walking, running and cycling from the Hub clinic in Biggleswade to Qatar, where this year’s football World Cup is being held in November.

Sounds easy enough, right? It’s 4209 miles – not so easy really!
The team have just reached the end of their first month and have collectively travelled 617 miles. On their virtual map they have reached Wiesentheid, Bayern, Germany.

The team of Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists, and Osteopaths are clocking up the mileage in a variety of ways. They’re parking further from work and strolling into clinic, arranging weekend walks, enjoying longer runs, and getting together for bike rides in the evenings and weekends.

They’re determined to raise £1000 for their chosen charity, the MS Therapy Centre, and they’re determined to hit their target mileage. After all, falling short of target and not reaching the World Cup in time would be an absolute fail!

Please help us reach our target of £1000 and help the many people living with Multiplesclerosis, by donating if you can. Even the smallest of donations will really motivate us, and help the MS Therapy Centre provide their fantastic supporting therapies.

The Beds & Northants Therapy Centre is a charity that provides a wide range of support and therapies to people living with multiplesclerosis. For more information, please visit the MS Therapy Centre website.

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