Running Services

We know running. Not just the technicalities but the mindset and desire to achieve your goal – whether that’s to shave seconds or minutes from a PB or to walk/run without issue just for pleasure.

We work closely with you – whatever your running experience, pace, size, shape or talent. If you want to run, jog or shimmy, we will help you be your best!

We can support you in many ways; we offer comprehensive running analysis, ongoing coaching and development, bespoke training plans and regular running workshops.

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Observational Running Analysis
Running Coaching & Development
Personalised Planning

Observational Running Analysis

Balanced biomechanics, form, and technique are key factors to running faster and more efficiently with less risk of injury. Correct running form ensures that we create and maintain linear momentum, reduce joint impact, minimize energy loss and maximize efficiency and economy.

We commonly see people who either want to be more efficient in their running, or who are plagued by an injury that’s making what should be enjoyable an absolute nightmare.

It’s also really good planning to get your biomechanics and technique checked by an expert ahead of any training plan to ward off any impending issue, and to inform a running prehabilitation prescription.

We have two Observational Running Assessments – the only difference between Levels 1 and 2 is your current level of fitness and running experience. Either way you will be working with a Sports Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach with advanced training in running biomechanics, running re-education and personal coaching.

LEVEL ONE – 9-minute miles or steadier

  • Runners paced at 9-minute miles or steadier, and/or
  • New runners, hobby runners and improvers, and/or
  • Runners experiencing chronic injuries or problems.

LEVEL TWO – Sub 9-minute miles

  • Runners paced at sub 9-minute miles, and/or
  • Experienced runners, and/or
  • Runners requiring multi-directional movement, such as field sports, and/or
  • Runners experiencing chronic injuries or problems.


  • An understanding of optimal running form, and identification of any skill-gap which with remedy could improve running outcomes
  • Identification of biomechanical issues causing sub-optimal performance, risk of injury, or chronic injury
  • Initial recommendations for change comprising; strength or mobility prescription and/or running drills and cues.


  • Pre-assessment Questionnaire (one week ahead)
  • Needs and expectations-gathering chat
  • Outdoor and treadmill video analysis
  • Functional & clinical testing
  • Discussion of findings
  • Recommendations for change, personalised exercise prescription comprising strength, mobility and drill work where necessary
  • Takeaway personal findings and advice PDF
  • Price £99.00.

Running Coaching & Development

We can work with you to strip down and correct your technique over progressive running development sessions. We do this with the application of cues, running drills and corrective exercises in 1:1 focused sessions specifically for you and your goals. We draw on our knowledge of injury mechanisms, movement patterns and rehabilitation to provide you with bite-size chunks of homework to deliver effective change.

Running development sessions are a great way for any runner to boost their running confidence. The sessions are focused and fun, and will provide you with guidance and support in the pursuit of your running goals.

Sessions are suitable for brand new runners, hobby runners and track athletes alike.

Personalised Planning

There are two components that will help you achieve your running goals; personal investment and good programming. A good training plan is completely personalised and will take into consideration your lifestyle factors, base training, and goals. It should be part of a programme – whether that’s a higher objective or ‘just’ to maximise your running enjoyment and keep you running safely, for longer.

You can pay hundreds of pounds for bespoke planning but we want to help you move easily from one phase of running to another, as part of your overall programme. Price includes Zoom consult.

“Running analysis helped me identify my weaknesses, and the exercises I was given quickly helped to sort these out and correct the imbalances. Highly recommend.”