You’re in safe hands.

If you’re experiencing discomfort carrying out everyday tasks, recovering from surgery, or if you’re an injured amateur competitor seeking rehab or support then we’re here to help you be your best.

We are a team of bodyworkers and fitness professionals with your best interests in our heart.  Together we help amateur and semi-pro athletes, builders, office workers, Mums, Dads, Nans and Grandpas with equal dedication.

We will always do our very best for you – you’re our number one priority!

Jess Gearing, competitive gymnast at national level, is our ‘Rehab Patient of the Month’ after suffering a painful disc injury

We commend Jess for her strength and determination in overcoming a back injury that prevented her training and competing as a gymnast at national level. Well done Jess, you are our ‘Rehab Patient of the Month!’

Jess came to the Rehab Hub Injury Clinic & Therapy Centre, Biggleswade, to see Luke with high levels of lower back pain which were a cause for concern in such a young athlete. An MRI revealed two disc protrusions at the L4-5 and L5-S1 vertebral levels. The decision was made to manage the injury conservatively and Jess started her rehab journey in January.

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All the way to Qatar – World Cup Challenge June Update!

As a team the Rehab Hub practitioners are undertaking their biggest charity challenge ever, in support of the wonderful Multiplesclerosis Therapy Centre, in Bedford.  They are walking, running and cycling from the Hub clinic in Biggleswade to Qatar, where this year’s football World Cup is being held in November.

Sounds easy enough, right?  It’s 4209 miles – not so easy really!

The team have just reached the end of their first month and have collectively travelled 617 miles.  On their virtual map they have reached Wiesentheid, Bayern, Germany.

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