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If you’re experiencing discomfort carrying out everyday tasks, recovering from surgery, or if you’re an injured amateur competitor seeking rehab or support then we’re here to help you be your best.

We are a team of bodyworkers and fitness professionals with your best interests in our heart.  Together we help amateur and semi-pro athletes, builders, office workers, Mums, Dads, Nans and Grandpas with equal dedication.

We will always do our very best for you – you’re our number one priority!

The importance of friendship and support when injury puts you on the sidelines

A personal blog from lead practitioner Luke, for Men’s Health Awareness Month.  I am normally well into my rugby season by November, but due to a reoccurring shoulder injury in May, August and again in October, I have had a very frustrating start to the season. I sprained the acromioclavicular joint in my shoulder, and I’ve spent the entire summer trying to fix myself ahead of the new rugby season in September. Despite undergoing extensive rehab, and feeling in a very good place, my first warmup game of the season saw me re-injure the same shoulder – leaving me unable to play and feeling quite frustrated.

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Exercise is a great perimenopause medicine

Exercise at all stages of the menopause – before, during and after your periods stop, is of huge benefit, but the perimenopause in particular is where women are first likely to struggle with the physical and emotional symptoms associated with declining and fluctuating oestrogen levels.

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