We are a happy team of Associates, with your best interests at heart.

You may be wondering who to see…  Indeed, the choice between Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy or Osteopathy may not be an obvious one to make.  We each have our own professional discipline with additional training, expertise and interest which you can read more about within our profiles below.

If you need more help please consider reviewing our Services, or of course just Contact Us.

Ash Samtani

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitator, Physiotherapist
Tom Mitchell

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitator, Sports Therapy Practitioner, Sports Nutritionist, S&C Coach
Emily Field, Sports Rehabilitator
Emily Field

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitator, Sports Rehabilitator
Luke Denham – Clinic Lead Practitioner

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitator, Sports Therapy Practitioner
Tom Boggon

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitator, Sports Therapy Practitioner

Ollie Eaton

– Osteopath
Érin Oakman

Paediatric Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) – Little Steps Physiotherapy
Babies, toddlers, teens and in-betweens.
Jo Medhurst Scar and Abdominal Massage
Jo Medhurst

Scar & Abdominal Massage Therapist

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