Case studies

ben the runner

Ben – running analysis and coaching

Ben came to see Tom Boggon for an Observational Running Analysis, which is a comprehensive assessment of running gait, strength and technique. In the first session Tom was able to identify some key issues that could easily be remedied with some drill work, guidance, and strength work.

Mum and daughter smiling

Joely – back injury

Joely’s recovery from a back injury is an example of how we often work with people who are in a great deal of pain and understandably fearful when they first come to us.

girl with running therapist

Hayley – running related chronic calf problems

Hayley has been a runner for years without any major issue getting in the way of her regular runs, but was starting to experience pain and cramping in both calves just a few kilometres into every session. She had tried stretching, massages, and foam rolling – all the normal things, […]

footballer kicks the ball

Jake – groin strain

Jake came to us back in April, complaining of pain which affected both sides of his groin and had been a real struggle for the last two months. He is a competitive footballer – playing at quite a high level, and the pain was really starting to impact upon his […]

mike complex pain

Mike – complex pain and daily living

We would like to tell you about Mike, who came to us in April with the goals of being in less pain, to build better core strength, be more active, and to reduce his dependency on a walking stick. Mike wasn’t trying to get back to a sport, he just […]

man with trophy with sports rehabilitator

Dan – regular sports therapy treatment

Wow! Huge congratulations to Hub regular Dan Benson, Europe’s Strongest Man, who successfully defended his crown last weekend and set a new deadlift world record for his U90kg class, of an incredible 401.55kg. He becomes the first lightweight strongman in history to break the 400kg barrier on deadlift. It was […]

donna knee pain

Donna – acute knee pain

Today we would like to tell you all about Donna, who came to see us last month after suffering a week of terrible knee pain that just wasn’t getting better. She had no idea what she had done, but the pain was impacting her ability to walk, sleep, and go […]

angie shoulder rehab

Angie – shoulder and arm inhibition

Angie visited the Rehab Hub in July this year, having lost almost all function and strength in her left arm. There was no obvious reason for the loss of movement, and understandably it was causing her a great deal of concern. Prior to coming into clinic, Angie had several hospital […]

girl on crutches with sports rehabilitator

Ella – complex knee surgery

Snap!! Ella recently had exactly the same knee surgery as sports rehabilitator Emily – an ACL reconstruction, cartilage repair and clever stability enhancement with a procedure called ‘Le Maire’s’.They were busy comparing scars and progress reports when Ella visited us in her first session for post-surgery recovery, and they worked […]

long jumper with hip injury

Jackson – acute hip injury

Jackson came to us on our Open Day last month, experiencing very bad hip pain that had started the evening before in training. He was practicing the long jump and experienced an immediate onset of high pain, and an audible ‘pop’ in his anterior hip. Overnight he was very uncomfortable […]

Fiona’s Story- Shoulder Fracture

Fiona had sustained a left shoulder fracture when she fell in the shower, which resulted in shoulder stiffness and pain. She was advised she could start physiotherapy from her doctors, but she was unable to wait for NHS physio due to her job requirements. Fiona came to see us 5 […]