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Ash Samtani

BSc, MSc – Chartered Physiotherapist

Ash is an experienced physiotherapist, supporting patients with minor rehabilitations and treatment through to surgical rehab, complex pain conditions, and patients with multiple medical conditions.

  • Sport and non-sport injuries
  • Musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain
  • Surgical rehabilitation
  • ‘Return to sport’ rehabilitation
  • Persistent pain conditions

Ash qualified with a degree in Physiotherapy in 2019 and also has a degree in cell and molecular biology. He has experience of working in the NHS, private, and NHS hospitals.

Ash is very much a family guy and loves meeting new people. He places a lot of importance on mental health and wellbeing, meditates regularly and believes in building strong networks and relationships.

He is a football fanatic – whether it’s playing or watching, he’s there! Having played in both 11-aside and 5-aside teams for a number of years, he’s always had a passion for the game and is always up for a good discussion and debate. He is also a keen gym goer with a great interest in strength and conditioning and loves teaching, as well as learning new exercises and gets great satisfaction in finding different ways to push himself.

Other interests include travelling, great tasting coffee, trying new foods and watching anime!

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