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Practitioners now self-testing twice a week

Georgie MaiClinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist Anonymous local business gifts the Rehab Hub a two month supply of lateral flow Covid-19 self testing kits We had some pretty amazing news at the end of last week. A local business has gifted us a two month supply of Covid-19 lateral flow testing kits, enabling the […]

We remain open in the January ’21 National Lockdown

Georgie MaiClinic Director As a healthcare facility we remain open in National Lockdown. We are helping people both physically (face-to-face) and virtually. The current guidance for Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists working during the National Lockdown requires that we risk assess every patient to ensure that the risk of entering clinic does not outweigh the benefit […]

Hypermobility Syndrome

Georgie MaiClinic Director What is hypermobility, and what can be done about it, if anything? Hуреrmоbilitу Syndrome is a very common condition where joints can move beyond their ‘normal’ range of motion.  We have all seen those people with the party trick of being able to bend a thumb back to their forearm, or ‘pop’ […]

Top 5 physio approved children's toys - HEADER

Top 5 Paediatric Physiotherapy Approved Toys

Erin Oakman & Alison ShippLittle Steps @ Rehab Hub Paediatric Physiotherapists Some Christmas shopping ideas aimed at your baby’s gross motor development What toy is best to buy my child? “This is a question we get asked a lot at this time of the year. As parents we want a toy that will last longer […]

mountain bike injury prevenion biggleswade

Tips for staying injury-free and safe on your mountain bike

Georgie MaiClinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist We are treating more and more people with mountain bike injuries, in our clinic in Biggleswade, Beds, especially since Lockdown – so  I thought it was a good time to produce some info that could help both treat and manage most MTB-related injuries. There are two main types […]

Alter-G Treadmill, coming soon!

Alter gravity with the Alter-G, coming soon to the Rehab Hub! We are beyond excited to shortly be adding the Alter-G treadmill (commonly known as ‘anti-gravity treadmill’) to our new rehabilitation suite in Autumn 2020. Alter-G for Sports Injury & Training Alter-G for Seniors Alter-G for Ortho Rehab & Neuro Patients Alter-G for Ortho & […]

The Hubdate – Sept 20

Rehab Hub News September 2020 “So here we are, rocketing towards Autumn! We’ve had a phenomenal return to work post-Lockdown, and because of that we have some very exciting news to share.” Clinic Director, Georgie Mai. In this edition: We’re Moving in October! Welcome to Katie Bagnall, Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Associate Opportunities, we’ve seats […]

headache in biggleswade

How to keep on top of headaches

Georgie MaiClinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist If you’re one of the 47% of the global population who experiences regular headaches, you’ll know they’re no laughing matter. We see so many headache sufferers in our clinic in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire that we’ve put together some free resources to help you. For some people headaches are a […]

back pain in biggleswade

Back pain – the chain of command

Georgie MaiClinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist Understand the causes of back pain and what you can do to improve your spine’s strength and function, allowing you to enjoy better movement and restful sleep, with our free comprehensive resources and hands-on help from supportive physical therapists in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. Your spine is the pillar that […]

biggleswade running

Run better, faster, longer, stronger

Georgie MaiClinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist Pacing the pavements of Biggleswade, running the highways and byways of Bedfordshire, or further afield in our lovely countryside, do it injury-free and with a smile! Do you dream of being that runner where every step of every mile is 100% pain free?  No aches, no twinges or […]

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