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Tom Mitchell

MSc, rSEN – Level 5 Sports Therapy Practitioner, Sports Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Tom is a broadly educated and experienced sports professional providing Sports Therapy, Strength & Conditioning and Sports Nutrition.

  • Sport and non-sport injuries
  • Musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain
  • Sports Nutrition
  • S&C programming
  • Routine ‘maintenance’ sports massage sessions

He started his career with a degree from Liverpool University in Sport & Exercise Science, and a Masters in Sport Nutrition. He has since become a Level 5 Sports Therapist and a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Tom has recently stopped playing football ‘seriously’ after suffering his third major knee injury and subsequent ACL repair – you would think he’d know better! He now enjoys a lazy kick around with friends and working out at the gym. He has developed a passion for the rehabilitation of all joint issues and surgical repair.


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Tom Mitchell Sports Therapist and Sports Nutritionist

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