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Tom Mitchell

MSc, rSEN – Level 5 Sports Therapist & Sports Nutritionist

Tom has a degree in Sport & Exercise Science, with a Masters in Sport Nutrition which means that he wears two hats for us at the Rehab Hub; that of Sports Therapist and Sports Nutritionist.

Sports Therapy

Tom is a Level 5 Sports Therapist trained in the assessment, effective treatment and rehab of soft tissue and joint injuries.

He also provides strong but considered sports and remedial massage for the correction of soft tissue dysfunction which can lead to injury and sub-optimal performance.

You can also call on Tom’s vast knowledge of Sports Nutrition and Sport & Exercise Science in your session with him.

Nutrition for Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts and the General Population

Tom has a wealth of experience working with both sports professionals, athletes, and with patients with special dietary requirements or those living with illnesses such as diabetes and high cholesterol.  Therefore his expertise will help those with either athletic or general goals such as weight loss.   He will partner with you to understand what you would like to achieve; identify any barriers to change, and help you stick to plan.

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