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Luke Denham

BSc (Hons) – Sports Therapy Practitioner.  Clinic Lead Practitioner

Luke is an experienced graduate Sports Therapy Practitioner and possesses an in-depth knowledge of injury mechanisms, appropriate treatment modalities and rehabilitation protocols.

He provides Sports Therapy for any musculoskeletal problem such as neck and back pain, shoulder and upper limb problems, hip, knee, and ankle/foot problems and has the following specialisms:

  • Sports-specific injury rehab – including ‘return to play’ protocols
  • Lower-limb pathology treatment and rehab
  • Movement Screens for; long term lower back pain, and recurring shoulder / upper back pain

Luke no longer provides ‘maintenance’ sports massage sessions, but advanced soft tissue work remains the cornerstone of his effective treatment sessions which may also include; medical acupuncture, exercise rehabilitation, lifestyle advice, K-Taping and strapping, therapeutic ultrasound, and supervised use of the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill.

Luke has a mixed sporting background.  He currently plays rugby for Bedford Athletic RFC and previously competed at a national level in gymnastics.  This diverse background drove him to understand well the individual requirements of different sports, enabling him to tailor your sports-specific goal.  Naturally, as a keen sportsman, Luke has suffered his fair share of injuries and understands completely the desire to return to activity as quickly as possible.  He will do everything he can for you, providing the best possible care to enable your safe return to pain-free living.

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Luke Denham Sports Therapist & Clinic Lead Practitioner
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