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All the way to Qatar – World Cup Challenge June Update

4209 miles, 6 months, one amazing charity! As a team the Rehab Hub practitioners are undertaking their biggest charity challenge ever, in support of the wonderful Multiplesclerosis Therapy Centre, in Bedford. They are walking, running and cycling from the Hub clinic in Biggleswade to Qatar, where this year’s football World Cup is being held in […]

Rehab Patient of the Month

Jess Gearing, competitive gymnast at national level, is our ‘Rehab Patient of the Month’ after suffering a painful disc injury We commend Jess for her strength and determination in overcoming a back injury that prevented her training and competing as a gymnast at national level. Well done Jess, you are our ‘Rehab Patient of the […]

If exercise is good for me, why do I feel so sore afterwards?

If exercise is good for me, why do I feel so sore afterwards? Exploring ‘DOMS’, with Luke Denham, Clinic Lead Practitioner. We often get asked this question, and sometimes people want to know if they’ve really done themselves some harm after a tough training session or event. Others LOVE that burn, that inability to lower […]

Flat Feet, Knocking Knees and Inward Pointing Toes

The Little Steps Physiotherapy team, based here at the Rehab Hub regularly assess, advise and rehab these common childhood conditions. Read on to learn more, and consider if you and your child might benefit from their expertise and the peace of mind they can provide. Children are all individual and grow in their own unique […]

All the way to Qatar – World Cup Challenge!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could please recommend a local charity that you think we should be doing this for. Either message us on social media, or drop us an email with your ideas. Facebook: Instagram: Email: We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

Have you booked your Spring MOT (Maintenance Osteopathy Treatment)?

We all regularly get our cars serviced and checked over for maintenance repairs etc, right? So, why don’t we do this with our bodies too! It is important to regularly review any previous or new issues within the body and give ourselves a good service on a regular basis; especially as the weather starts to […]

Could Sports Therapy be the solution you have been looking for?

What is Sports Therapy? Sports Therapy is concerned with both prevention of injury and patient rehabilitation, aiming to help a patient get back to optimum levels of fitness, regardless of age and ability. Sports Therapy can involve various methods of treatment including: ● Exercise therapy, including mobility and functional strengthening programmes● Sports massage and advanced […]

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of detecting, treating and preventing a wide range of medical conditions. An Osteopath will work with the structure and function of your body, to nurture a healthy system in which your bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues all function smoothly together. They use physical manipulation in the form of movement, stretching […]

The importance of a winter Maintenance Osteopathy Treatment (MOT)

Oliver EatonRehab Hub Osteopath M.Ost DN DO Osteopathy at the Rehab Hub in Biggleswade for the treatment and prevention of pain, injury and dysfunction. Injury clinic in Bedfordshire. Just as we service and maintain our cars regularly, the body should also get some preventative work. It’s important to review previous issues within the body and […]

Treatment & Rehabilitation sessions at the Rehab Hub

Georgie MaiClinic Director Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, and Osteopathy at our Biggleswade, Bedfordshire clinic We’re here to help you be your best. Our aim is to return you to comfortable and strong movement for a healthy, happy, pain-free life and we will support and guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re experiencing […]

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