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Sports Therapy & Rehab

We understand your need to compete, your training, and the worry and stress caused when you’re injured.  It’s our job to make you feel supported; to assess, treat and rehabilitate you with the appropriate level of guidance and support needed to get you back doing what you love.

Sports Therapy & Rehab is a bit different to ‘old school’ bodywork – there’s sometimes a ’hug or high five’!  We’ll share the love for your new medal, and do our best to keep you motivated if your training goes a little off-track.

We support a wide range of people and ALL levels of athleticism – weekend warriors undertaking Tough Mudder, Triathlons, Sportives, and people just starting out in fitness right up to semi-professional fighters, cyclists and dancers, we are here for all of you.

Sports Therapy & Rehab is NOT just for sporty people!  We work with ‘non sport’ injuries such as bad backs and painful joints because patients appreciate and respond well to the hands-on approach to treatment and rehabilitation that we provide, and because Sports Therapy musculoskeletal assessment is as comprehensive as any other. Rest assured, if you don’t consider yourself to be ‘sporty’, we would still very much like to help you.

We each have our areas of expertise and special interest, so you are welcome to read more about us in the Team section or, if you’re unsure who to see all you need to do is Contact Us.



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