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Your first visit to the Hub

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About your first treatment session
How you might feel after your treatment session
Care advice and cautions for the next 24 hours
How to get the most from your sessions
If you need us

About your first treatment session

How to prepare

Ensure you have completed both your Triage Form and Consent Form for your first session, sent to you via email. This gives us the info we need to prepare for seeing you. Have a good think about the history of your pain or problem and make notes if you need to.

Clothing, and what to bring with you

Our address, and parking information

Our address is Rehab Hub Ltd. Unit 3B Stratton Park, Biggleswade, Beds. SG18 8QS.

On arrival in Reception

Take a seat and make yourself comfortable five minutes ahead of your appointment time. We do not operate a full-time reception, but we will be aware that you have arrived, and your Practitioner will collect you for your session.

24-hour cancellation policy

You can cancel free of charge until 24 hours before the date and time of your session. With regret we must insist that full payment is due should you cancel within 24 hours of your session, or if you miss your appointment.

Covid policy

Covid rules remain unchanged in healthcare facilities despite the easing of public guidance.

Pricing and payment

Pricing for all our sessions is located here. Full payment is due at time of treatment and should be made by credit/debit card or device. We are unable to accept cash or cheques.

How you might feel after your treatment session

A lot of people come away from a treatment session with a ‘feel good’ sensation both physically and mentally – fantastic!  This is typically due to the hands-on treatment targeting and relieving areas of pain and discomfort, improved blood flow, and the release of mood-boosting hormones. 

However, you might experience soreness or fatigue whilst your body adjusts, and headaches are not uncommon after treatment around the head, neck, and shoulders.  Please don’t be alarmed if you are feeling like this, it is perfectly normal.  Sometimes your original symptoms may change or even worsen slightly but temporarily, as your body adjusts and heals. 

If you are concerned about how you are feeling, do please get in touch with us for further advice. 

After your treatment session – care advice and cautions for the next 24hrs

Sports massage, and soft tissue work in any treatment session will target your muscles, connective tissues, and possibly tendons and ligaments too.  This will improve your flexibility and your joint range of motion, and really benefit you, but you should be aware of the following whilst your body heals and adjusts:

How to get the most from your sessions

We want your treatment and rehabilitation to be as effective and positive as possible, as of course you do too. Here are some considerations for a successful rehab:

Do your exercises!
Most of your overall improvement is achieved by the exercises we prescribe and lifestyle advice that may be offered to you. The treatment we provide is very important, but it is only one small aspect of your successful rehab. You must do the groundwork to build upon what we provide. Your exercises will develop and change over time, but only if you progress through them.

Make notes between sessions
Feedback is important, and any change is good as it informs our next steps. We need you to be curious about your changing symptoms; how the nature and intensity of your discomfort is changing, how your rehab exercises feel, and how your activities and goals are developing.

Ask for help
We’re here to help in-between sessions, please don’t give up on your good work and investment if something doesn’t feel quite right. Contact us if you need help with something and we’ll put you back on track.

Trust in the process
Invest in your treatment! If you think you won’t get better, you invariably won’t 😉

If you need us

Speak with your Practitioner about your exercises or something of concern
You can do this by replying to any booking email and we’ll be in touch as quickly as possible.

Change your follow-up date/time
You can cancel and rebook your follow-up appointment by accessing the link directly from your booking confirmation email sent at the time of booking.

Talk about something else
Let us know what you need help with and we’ll handle it the best way we can by replying to any email or Contacting Us.

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