All you need to know about private treatment here at the Rehab Hub

georgie clinic director

Georgie Mai-Manning
Clinic Director

We know that seeking help for an injury or problem can be daunting for many reasons. This is because some of our patients who are now feeling much better, tell us that they were originally cautious of beginning private treatment, and they are now able to share those early concerns with us.

They tell us that broadly, the reasons they were nervous or had lots of questions before starting private physiotherapy, sports therapy or osteopathy treatment are:

  • Financial – there is the misconception that private treatment is very expensive and often involves block booking for many appointments, or that treatment goes on indefinitely because there is no clear treatment pathway.
  • Treatment success – many people have concerns as to whether we can help them, and if their problem is ‘treatable’. They may have lived with it for a long time and already tried treatment elsewhere.
  • Fear – some people worry about whether they will meet a kind, caring and knowledgeable practitioner who will do their best for them and be invested in their recovery.

These are all very good reasons for people to be nervous when trying to find a solution to their pain, and they may or may not resonate with you.

The aim of this article is to provide answers to the main questions that you might have if you are considering treatment but are not sure if it is right for you and your pain, injury or problem. If you have additional worries or concerns, just reach out to us, we are here to help!

Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

We are a team of pain and injury professionals, here to help you with anything from a niggling ache through to recovery from a more serious injury or operation. Together we work with just about everyone – adults and children, amateur and semi-pro athletes, builders, office workers – if you have pain or a problem with movement, we are here for you!

We are fortunate to have a very experienced team comprising Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Osteopathy and we all share the goals of promoting health, improving function, and aiding recovery from injuries – returning you back to everyday life or sport, safely. If you would like to know more about these individual approaches to treatment and rehabilitation you are welcome to review the individual pages for more information.

How our treatment and rehabilitation sessions work

In your first session you will be warmly welcomed by your practitioner who will talk to you about your reasons for coming. They will take a medical history and carry out the relevant physical assessments and testing to establish how best to help you. Generally, your first session will include treatment and getting ‘hands-on’ as well as an initial exercise prescription, but this may be different if we find other priorities.

We always arrange a follow-up within a fortnight, and thereafter work on a session-by-session basis, meaning that we won’t advise a certain number of sessions to ‘get you better’. Your individual injury and problem, ability to heal, and response to treatment and exercise prescription will inform how often we need to see you.

In follow-ups, we monitor your progress and recheck pain your levels and progression compared with your previous session. There is often more ‘hands-on’ treatment in follow-ups because there’s less to assess.

We aim to rehabilitate to a point ‘beyond pain’. That means to a point where you are back to doing what you love, stronger than you were before. We believe this is the secret to making sure you’re less likely to have a reoccurrence.

Goals are a big thing for us, and for you, with the focus always being to get you back to what you love, so we’ll always keep that in the forefront of our minds.

You can have direct contact with your practitioner in between sessions – we are here to help you all the way!

Building a relationship for ongoing care

The nature of some pain conditions, and the way in which we heal after injury may mean that regular treatment or a return visit is needed. For sports people in particular, regular treatment is of great benefit and an essential tool to performing well. Regular sports massage, osteopathy treatment, and progress and review sessions are ways in which we can help you routinely. Once we’ve met you we hope to help you, your family and friends with any pain problems or injuries.

Our team

Maybe you would like to take some time to learn a little more about our lovely team members and choose who to partner with for your treatment and rehabilitation. After all, it is important to have faith in your practitioner’s skill and experience, but you also need to feel comfortable and enjoy spending time with them! Visit our individual team pages to read a biography, watch a quick video introduction, and choose who you would like to work with.

Looking for regular treatment, or just in need of a brilliant sports massage?

More and more people are investing in regular sports massage and osteopathy for the maintenance of soft-tissue and joint health. Our sports massage therapists are all degree qualified and trained in injury assessment and rehabilitation, so they will also help you if an injury were to strike at any time. Assessment is more limited in a routine sports massage session to maximise ‘hands-on’ time with you – unless of course you arrive with a new injury or problem! If osteopathy suits you and your body better for routine treatment once our osteo has met you in an initial session he can work with you on a ‘maintenance’ basis, as needed and agreed.

Simple booking and great availability

If you want to book an appointment as quickly as possible, with someone who can make you feel better and enable you to get back to doing what you love, simply book a Pain & Injury Session with one of our team. You will be able to read the most important info about each of us and choose who to work with, or just take the next available appointment. Normally we have availability within 48hrs, from 7am through to 8pm most days, and weekends too!


Our pricing structure is intentionally simple; you pay for your practitioner’s time and expertise irrespective of the treatment modalities that they use within your session – you will not be charged extra for things such as K-Taping, acupuncture or dry needling, exercise plans or GP letters. Treatment pricing starts from £55 (at the time of writing this article).

If you still aren’t sure who to work with or which type of treatment is right for you, just contact us. A friendly team member will call you to discuss how best to help you. Additionally, you can review our FAQs page.

We hope to help you soon!