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The importance of a winter Maintenance Osteopathy Treatment (MOT)

Oliver EatonRehab Hub Osteopath M.Ost DN DO Osteopathy at the Rehab Hub in Biggleswade for the treatment and prevention of pain, injury and dysfunction. Injury clinic in Bedfordshire. Just as we service and maintain our cars regularly, the body should also get some preventative work. It’s important to review previous issues within the body and […]

Treatment & Rehabilitation sessions at the Rehab Hub

Georgie MaiClinic Director Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, and Osteopathy at our Biggleswade, Bedfordshire clinic We’re here to help you be your best. Our aim is to return you to comfortable and strong movement for a healthy, happy, pain-free life and we will support and guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re experiencing […]

Emily Field Sports Rehabilitator joins the Rehab Hub

Georgie MaiClinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist Emily has a wealth of experience that she brings to the team We are extending a very warm welcome to Emily Field, an experienced sports and musculoskeletal who joins the treatment and rehabilitation team next week. Emily loves nothing more than to see you succeed with your return […]

Andrea’s experience of Nutritional Therapy

Katie ShoreNutritional Therapist Digestive support for Andrea after Covid – a brief case study Andrea* came to see me in clinic for help supporting her digestion. Eight months previously she had caught a virus leaving her bed-bound (which we now suspect was COVID) and after she recovered her digestion was not functioning like it used […]

What is Nutritional Therapy?

How the right nutrition can help you on your journey to the best health Katie ShoreNutritional Therapist Nutritional Therapy is a recognised complementary medicine which involves the application of nutrition and lifestyle medicine sciences in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care (BANT, 2021). At it’s heart, it’s personalised medicine which places you […]

Rehab Hub seeks young people for Clinic Assistant and Digital & Social Media roles via Kickstart

Georgie MaiClinic Director We are excited to be offering two brilliant employment and mentoring opportunities via the Government’s Kickstart Scheme. The innovative scheme will help young people currently on Universal Credit into work. The successful candidates will be offered a six-month work placement with training and a personal development pathway, providing them with their first real-life […]

Brian’s Movement Screen – multiple pain sites and difficulties

Presentation Hip pain (whilst running and cycling, and after running, cycling, and swimming) – constant ache during and after exercise Back pain – uncomfortable but manageable. Initial session Brian first came to see Luke, one of our Sports Therapists for a Movement Screen.  In this session they discussed the potential cause of the problems, the […]

Rehab Hub provides Kickstarter opportunities in Biggleswade clinic

Georgie MaiClinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist We will shortly be recruiting a Clinic Assistant and Digital Marketing Assistant for Biggleswade clinic The Kickstart Scheme is an innovative new scheme to help young people into work and spur Britain’s economic revival and we are thrilled to have been approved as an employer this week. We […]

Virtual Yoga with Sandra

Georgie MaiClinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist Sandra Amos brings Yoga for Sport and Yoga Chillout to the Rehab Hub in Biggleswade We are both happy and excited to welcome Sandra Amos to the Rehab Hub as our in-house Yoga teacher delivering virtual Yoga for Sport and Yoga Chillout, from Sunday 14th and Monday 15th […]

Stephen’s story – sudden lower back pain

Treatment with Biggleswade Osteopath Ollie Eaton at the Rehab Hub Stephen, of Biggleswade Bedfordshire, sustained an injury to his lower back when lifting his child. This resulted in severe pain, disturbed sleep and an inability to move with ease. The outcome having to take time off work and unable to participate in daily activities at […]

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