donna knee pain

Donna – acute knee pain

Today we would like to tell you all about Donna, who came to see us last month after suffering a week of terrible knee pain that just wasn’t getting better. She had no idea what she had done, but the pain was impacting her ability to walk, sleep, and go up and downstairs.

Donna came to see Tom Mitchell, one of our Sports Therapy Practitioners. Tom took the time to consider the possible reasons for her injury, how the pain was impacting her, and the worries that she had for her recovery. He fully assessed Donna’s knee, looking at her movement, strength, and function. He established what structures were involved and went on to devise a plan of action.

Tom suggested some hands-on treatment and prescribed Donna exercises to work on at home, and he recommended she attend for a follow-up session to continue her treatment. Donna returned for another session a week later, and in just 7 days she reported huge improvements. Her pain had eased significantly, her movement was a lot better, and Donna was feeling a lot more confident when walking around.

Thanks to Donna’s hard work outside the session in following Tom’s advice and exercise prescription, they were able to stabilise her pain very quickly and are now working on strengthening exercises to help guard against this happening again.

Well done, Donna!

How we can help you

We’re here to help you be your best. Our aim is to return you to comfortable and strong movement for a healthy, happy, pain-free life and we will support and guide you every step of the way.

Whether you’re experiencing problems with day-to-day activities or in achieving an important sporting goal, our Practitioners are kind, experienced and confident in helping you:

  • Rehabilitate back, joint and muscle injuries and dysfunction
  • Return you to, or improve your sport
  • Prepare for or recover from surgery
  • Recover from accidents
  • Improve chronic pain
  • Reduce discomfort from work-related issues

We focus as much on addressing the source of an issue as we do treating your painful symptoms, through a pathway of assessment and diagnosis, hands-on therapy, rehabilitation and education.