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Jo Medhurst

Scar & Abdominal Massage Therapist

Jo has been a holistic therapist for 12 years. She is passionate about her work and helping people. The therapies she provides offer physical help for issues that there simply isn’t much support for. As a holistic therapist with extensive knowledge in a wide range of areas, she doesn’t just focus on the physical stuff, Jo also looks at diet, stress and other factors that may be contributing to your symptoms, so you can get the best results possible.

Scar Massage
Scar massage helps to reduce the appearance of scars. It can reduce the size, flatten, improve the colour and texture of scars. It is a very effective treatment with immediate results but also non-invasive and low intensity as this isn’t required to get excellent results.
It can be used on a wide range of scars for improvements in mobility, tissue function and overall appearance as well and helping to reduce other common side effects of scars. As well as helping with the visual appearance of scarring, the massage can also reduce numbness, hypersensitivity, pins and needles, pains, discomfort, and discolouration/hardening of surrounding tissue.

Abdominal Massage
Abdominal massage is a very effective way of easing digestive and gynaecological issues and symptoms. The massage helps reduce inflammation, improve adhesions, relieve pressure, clear blockages, ease bloating and improve circulation. It also helps improve the positioning of the womb and colon. It is a very beneficial treatment for liver, colon, intestines, stomach, gall bladder, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, womb, and ovaries.
During a session you will also be given nutritional advice to support your healing as well as a number of self-help techniques you can do at home, including self-help massage which you’ll be taught in the session. All these techniques are tailored to your individual symptoms and requirements.
Some of the many issues this massage can help are:

  • IBS, Bloating, Constipation, Diverticulitis, Crohn’s, IBD, Colitis, Sluggish Digestion, Kidney/Liver/Bladder Issues, Abdominal Pain and Cramps
  • Endometriosis/Adenomyosis, Painful Periods, Irregular Periods, Heavy Periods, PCOS, Ovarian Cysts, Hormonal Issues, Fertility, IVF Preparation, C-section and Post Natal Recovery

Fertility Massage
Fertility massage improves circulation to the womb and ovaries. It relieves pressure and improves positioning. It also works on the digestive system to improve nutrient absorption.
It has helped many issues associated with fertility problems such as adhesions, endometriosis, thin womb lining, PCOS, cysts, fibroids, problematic periods and low egg quality. The massage is excellent for IVF preparation and helping with natural conception.
Self-help massage tuition and nutritional advice is also provided in sessions. Massage and self-help techniques allow you to connect with your womb and nourish your body which is so important on a fertility journey.

Jo Medhurst Scar and Abdominal Massage

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