Fiona’s Story- Shoulder Fracture

Fiona had sustained a left shoulder fracture when she fell in the shower, which resulted in shoulder stiffness and pain. She was advised she could start physiotherapy from her doctors, but she was unable to wait for NHS physio due to her job requirements. Fiona came to see us 5 weeks after her fracture to improve her range of movement and reduce pain, so she was able to work and drive again.

Case presentation

  • Left shoulder fracture
  • Kept in a shoulder sling for 3 weeks
  • Stiffness, soreness, aching, weakness

Initial Assessment

After clearance from her doctors Fiona booked an appointment with our senior physiotherapist Joanne. Fiona’s shoulder was aggravated by all daily activities and when lifting her arm out to the side. Fiona had muscle weakness/tightness and reduced range of movement in her shoulder, as well as neck stiffness.


After the initial assessment Joanne was then able to decide on the most appropriate treatment. Joanne used a range of soft tissue therapies to release muscle tension and correct her posture.  In combination with this, Joanne also used K-tape to help offload the overactive muscles which helps to correct muscle imbalances and further correct posture. Fiona was also given a home exercise programme which she practiced through her appointment, to practice correct movement patterns.


After 5 sessions with Joanne, Fiona is now at full function and has reduced pain. She is now able to drive, work and complete household activities. She also finds it easier to look after her children now due to the reduced pain and her sleeping has improved.

Future Goals

Joanne and Fiona are working together to continually improve her range of movement and muscular tone. From here, Fiona can start progressive strengthening exercises to improve muscular strength and improve posture.

Amy Stratton
MSc Student Sports Therapist