Movement Screens

Movement Screen 1 – Long Term Lower Back Pain

Movement Screen 2 – Recurring Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

These sessions are designed specifically to help you better understand why your pain is a recurrent theme in your life. They are movement-based and scalable – suitable whether you sit for long periods each day, lift weights competitively, run for fun, or each and all of these things!

We will obtain the history of your pain and dysfunction, hear your questions and concerns, and take you through a movement screen in which you can feel, see and understand what is contributing to your difficulties.

We provide you with a report of easy to understand measurables from which we outline a recommended progressive path for improvement; comprising ‘at home’ exercise prescription, recommendations for change in training or lifestyle, hands-on treatment, or supervised exercise progression.

There’s enough information for you to make a start straight away and decide how you wish to continue from there – you can get started with the recommendations and then retest yourself at home, or have standard Sports Therapy sessions for supervised help and thereafter repeat the screening if needed.

A Case Study – Brian’s Triathlete Movement Screen


Brian’s Triathlete Movement Screen Anti-Gravity Treadmill    Virtual Tour    Physiotherapy Explained    Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy?

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