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Running Analysis

We know running.  Not just the technicalities but the mindset and desire to achieve your goal – whether that’s to shave minutes from a PB or to jog without issue just for pleasure.  We commonly see people who either want to be more efficient in their running, or who are plagued by an injury that’s making what should be enjoyable an absolute nightmare.  It’s also really good planning to get your biomechanics and technique checked by an expert ahead of any training plan to ward off any impending issue, and to inform a running prehabilitation prescription.

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Balanced biomechanics, form, and technique are key factors to running faster and more efficiently with less risk of injury.  Correct running form ensures that we create and maintain linear momentum, reduce joint impact, minimize energy loss and maximize efficiency and economy.

We have two Observational Running Assessments – the only difference between Levels 1 and 2 is your current level of fitness and running experience, and the amount of technical detail that we go into.  Either way, you will be working with a Sports Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach with advanced training in running biomechanics, running re-education and personal coaching.  Sessions are a mix of video analysis, clinical testing and general running observation.  They’re completely tailored to you and your requirement with a variety of outcomes.

LEVEL ONE – Observational Running Assessment

This informative running assessment will identify running anomalies that can cause a loss of performance and be responsible for long-term pain and dysfunction.  It will provide you with takeaway information and techniques to immediately improve your running knowledge and form.  Time: 60-75mins.  Cost: £65.00.

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LEVEL TWO – Observational Running Assessment

Our Level Two Running Assessment includes a detailed functional and clinical screen which is used to assist the keenest of runners.  It is best suited to experienced runners with a solid running base, and who are prepared to adapt their existing gym programme or add more time to their existing routine.  Time: 90mins.  Cost: £85.00.

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Running Re-education Sessions (ongoing)

Where anomalies of running form are identified we work with you to strip down and correct your technique over progressive running re-education sessions.  We do this with the application of cues, running drills and corrective exercises in 1:1 focused sessions specifically for you and your goals.  We draw on our knowledge of injury mechanisms, movement patterns and rehabilitation to provide you with bite-size chunks of homework to deliver effective change.

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