sandra doing yoga

Yoga with Sandra

Virtual Yoga from the comfort of your own home, but with guidance and support from our in-house teacher Sandra – who believes Yoga can benefit everybody in some way.  

As well as being a 200hr Yoga teacher, Sandra is also a massage therapist and as such her teaching style focuses initially on the physical benefits Yoga offers, (stretching, mobility and strengthening) – the holistic benefits arise without you even realising!

Her programmes are fully supported and endorsed by our team of Physio, Sports Therapy and Osteopathy practitioners.

Classes are accessible and easy to follow, you can even keep your camera off if you wish! 

Runners, cyclists, gym-goers…

This practice specifically focuses on the typical problem areas that fitness enthusiasts face (think hamstrings, lower back and tight shoulders).  The classes are targeted to help you stretch effectively and improve your mobility and flexibility – so important for maintaining optimum fitness and health, and guarding against injury.

But this is Yoga – so I’m also going to encourage you to breathe, chill out and to find a bit of peace!

Suitable for all levels and experience, as options will be given throughout.

Mondays 19.00 – 20.00
Pay-as-you-go £6
6 session block £30

Anyone and everyone looking to chill out…

This class focuses on the soft side of Yoga.  A gentle and slow practice which will leave you totally chilled out and calm, whilst offering a good stretch and plenty of mobility and flexibility.  

Suitable for all levels and experience, as options will be given throughout.

Sundays 10.30 – 11.30
Pay-as-you-go £6
6 session block £30

Important info for booking

If you are purchasing a 6 session block for £30 please select the first date from which you would like the consecutive series to start

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