What is Ultrasound?


What is Therapeutic Ultrasound?

Therapeutic Ultrasound is a treatment modality that has been used by practitioners all over the world since the 1940’s.  It should not be confused with Ultrasound Imaging used to assist in the diagnosis of injury or condition.

Therapeutic Ultrasound works by generating soundwaves through the vibration of crystals within the machine’s treatment head.  The waves (known as ultrasound waves), pass through the skin and cause a vibration of the local soft tissues.  This process creates a deep, localised heating effect around the targeted tissues, although there is very rarely any warmth felt by the patient.  The ultrasound unit can be used in a variety of different ways with several settings available to best suit the injured tissues and is therefore a useful modality for acute injuries through to chronic pain.

At the Rehab Hub it is considered for use (with your informed consent) as a treatment modality within a standard Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy session.  It comprises part and not all of your treatment session.

The treatment involves the use of a circular treatment head, slightly larger than a 50p piece, coated in a coupling gel which is then placed on the affected area.  A typical treatment will last between 2-5 minutes in which time the treatment head is constantly moving around the targeted area in a gentle fashion.  Overall the patient will feel nothing other than the movement of the apparatus.

Benefits of Therapeutic Ultrasound can include:

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