Record London Marathon success for Runners of the Rehab Hub

Kirsty Henley is our Rehab Patient of the Month after a brilliant rehab and succesful London Marathon

Marathon Runner

We have always enjoyed supporting London Marathon runners, but this year was something else altogether! We have helped a record number of runners reach the start-line prepped and injury-free after injury concerns threatened the success of their big day. The team have enjoyed seeing so many smiley finishers photos this week – what a pleasure to play a part in something so special to these super-humans and the many charities that they run for!

Kirsty Henley is our Rehab Patient of the Month, after coming to us in August with a knee problem that was so concerning to her she feared being able to reach the top end of her training plan, and whether she would make the distance. She had this to say about working with Luke:

“Luke’s reassurance and advice was invaluable and without the rehab he provided I know I would have been unable to run pain free and complete such a challenging distance. I completed my first ever marathon injury free!”

Kirsty was running for a charity supporting the parents of children with cancer called ‘It’s Never You’. Because, as a parent you think ‘It’s Never You.’ The charity supports parents psychologically, financially, and physically whilst they are going through the journey of parenting a child who has been diagnosed with cancer. If you would like to contribute to Kirsty’s chosen charity, you can do so via her JustGiving page, here.

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