The importance of a winter Maintenance Osteopathy Treatment (MOT)

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Oliver Eaton
Rehab Hub Osteopath M.Ost DN DO

Osteopathy at the Rehab Hub in Biggleswade for the treatment and prevention of pain, injury and dysfunction. Injury clinic in Bedfordshire.

Just as we service and maintain our cars regularly, the body should also get some preventative work. It’s important to review previous issues within the body and give ourselves a good service on a regular basis especially with the onset of colder and wetter winter weather which can heighten old issues with joints and muscles.

A change in season brings a change in activity levels for many of my patients, with sporty people often changing their Summer training regime, while patients engaged in winter sports pick up their activity levels. More senior patients can be less active, with less work to do in the garden and less trips outside in poorer weather conditions.

During these times, when the body is going through seasonal and activity adaptation, we can develop specific issues with joints or muscles, or we may see previous problems reoccur.

This is when I would like to help you with a Maintenance Osteopathic Treatment (MOT) here at the Rehab Hub, which can be so beneficial for maintaining a better level of movement, preventing issues developing, and maintaining flexibility and stability during the colder months.

If you would like to book an MOT you can do so by booking via the button below or calling the Rehab Hub on 01767 317771.

Yours in the best of health,
Ollie Eaton
Osteopath M.Ost DN DO
Rehab Hub Ltd

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