Charley’s our Rehab Patient of the Month

Charley Kennedy is walking up mountains and brilliantly happy with her progress after a horrible ankle and lower leg fracture, requiring internal fixation

We just knew that Charley had to be our ‘Rehab Patient of the Month’ when she sent Emily Field some enviable photos of her travels in Spain and Iceland where she was hiking up volcanoes, just a few months after a horrible ankle fracture. Charley had surgery with several internal fixations after she broke her ankle and lower leg whilst ice skating. She came to see Emily and the two buddied up for Charley’s rehabilitation.

Charley had this to say; “I cannot thank you enough for getting me here. I really did not think it was going to be possible back in February, especially when the hospital said I was very very unlikely to be able to go, but you’ve pushed me to recovery, and I could not be more grateful. Thank you so much!”

Of course, this was only achievable with Charley’s diligence to her exercise prescription, feeding back to Emily and adapting where needed, and her brilliantly positive attitude throughout.

Well done Charley, we are supremely happy for you! Here she is with Emily, recapping on her rehab and going through some final discharge exercises in her last appointment.

Emily Field is a Graduate Sport Rehabilitator, and loves nothing more than to see you succeed with your return to full daily function after injury or surgery, or to excel in your chosen sport.

• Sport and non-sport injuries
• Musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain
• Surgical rehabilitation
• ‘Return to sport’ rehabilitation
• Routine ‘maintenance’ sports massage sessions

She holds a Masters in Sport Rehabilitation. Her rehab sessions for everyday injuries and sport alike are goal-driven and focused on normalising and strengthening optimal movement. Her previous NHS experience means she is great with all types of rehabilitation.

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