Avoiding in jury in football

World Cup special – avoiding injury in football. Game on!

Georgie Mai Clinic Director

Georgie Mai
Clinic Director & Lead Sports Therapist

Help yourself – keep football injuries at bay with our info sheets, tips and exercises

With the World Cup kicking off in November we are taking the opportunity to look at strategies for avoiding injuries in football. Whilst ‘contact’ injuries are often unavoidable due to the nature of play, many injuries that our team see are preventable because they are caused by an underlying issue in conditioning or training.

We see so many football players in clinic – girls and guys of all ages and abilities from grassroots and 5-a-side to semi-pro and retired professionals.

In this article we are going to share some of our knowledge with you, and we invite you to grab our info sheets that contain tips and exercises to reduce the risk of enforced time away from the game you love!

Surprisingly, nearly half of all football injuries can be avoided

Muscle injuries are a frequent occurrence among football players. This type of injury is associated with a burst of acceleration or sprinting, sudden stopping, lunging, sliding or a high kick. Muscular groin issues in particular are very common with 1 in 5 players experiencing an injury in a season. Ankle and knee injuries can occur when ligaments are strained during cutting, twisting, jumping, changing direction or contact/tackling.

It’s true – preventing injury is possible. In most cases the injuries we mention above are caused by an underlying weakness or imbalance in the muscles of the leg, core, and pelvis. Football-specific exercises and a training programme designed to address the areas that are most vulnerable to injury during a game can dramatically reduce your risk of getting injured.

Your physical fitness is the single most important factor in preventing football injuries

For instance, studies have found that:

How to help yourself

We rehabilitate players to ‘game ready’ strength and confidence, but so many of these hamstring, groin or similar problems could have been avoided with the right knowledge. That’s why we are passionate about helping you prevent injury. We are fortunate to have three practitioners with a football specialism – Dan Simm who works in elite football, Tom Mitchell and Emily Field.

  1. Download our info sheets to give you a better understanding of how to address the issues above, and incorporate the advice into your training and recovery. Our free fact sheets include prevention and treatment techniques for:

    ACL Injury
    Hamstring Strains
    Ankle Sprains
    Meniscus Injury
    Groin Strains
    Contusion Injury
  2. Get injuries assessed and treated swiftly, before they become a major issue by buddying up with a Sports Therapist. An ongoing relationship with one of our knowledgeable and supportive Sports Therapy team will keep you on top form as you move through the season and experience the many niggles, concerns and setbacks that can occur. They get to know you, your body and the demands of your sport.
  3. Grab a regular Sports Massage – it’s a ‘must’ for anyone in regular training and play. Sports Massage is a beneficial treatment for maintaining and improving flexibility and motion, thereby helping you recover efficiently and reducing your risk of injury caused by negative soft tissue adaptations and musculoskeletal imbalances.
  4. Consider a Sport-specific Performance Screen with one of our team. This session will help take your performance to the next level by finding the cause of reoccurring pain or problem and equipping you with the treatment and rehabilitation pathway to be your best.
  5. Sleep. Loads of it!

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