Rehab Hub team cycle 24-hours to raise money for MS Therapy Centre, Bedford

Over £1000 raised by Ollie, Tom, Mitch, Emily and Luke

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our charity fund and supported the team in their 24-hour cycle challenge for the MS Therapy Centre at the weekend. We have raised a huge £1280 and covered 904 miles!

The team – Mitch, Toboggon, Luke, Emily and Ollie took it in turns to keep two static bikes rolling for a solid 24 hours, whilst grabbing the odd bit of sleep and treating patients Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Our original target was £1000 which we upped to £1500 when the monies rolled in throughout the night, and we now have three weeks to complete the final few miles and try to raise the final amount.

We started our ‘All the way to Qatar’ charity challenge back in May and we have been walking, running and cycling the mileage. This was the final push to hit 4209 miles – the distance between Biggleswade and Qatar where the football World Cup kicks off on 21st November.

The Multiplesclerosis Therapy Centre, based in Bedford, provides support and therapies to people living with MS to help them self-manage their condition. The centre welcomes 350 people each week and provides oxygen therapy, hydrotherapy, specialised physiotherapy, coaching and mental health support for those living with MS and their families.

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