Sports Nutrition

Whether your goal is to lose fat/weight, increase muscle mass, or enhance your sporting performance, Tom Mitchell (Msc, rSEN) can work with you and support you every step of the way.

Tom has a wealth of experience working with sports professionals, athletes, and with patients with illnesses such as diabetes and high cholesterol.  His expertise will help those with either athletic or general goals such as weight loss.  He will partner with you to understand what you would like to achieve; identify any barriers to change, and help you stick to plan.

General Consultancy or Tailored Support Packages

You can either meet with Tom for general advice in a Nutrition Consultation or use the session to inform a tailored Support Package.  After receiving your booking for an initial Nutrition Consultation we will contact you to discuss your requirements.  It is often the case that you will need to complete a one-week Food Diary in advance of your consultation, so do please ensure that bookings are made two weeks ahead.  Tom will then analyse your information and discuss your goals, any special requirements, likes or dislikes etc to inform your Support Package.

Support Packages are tailored specifically to you and your goal and are priced in addition to the initial Nutrition Consultation (£50):

1Personalised Diet3 days£  30.00 
2Personalised Diet7 days£  50.00 
·    Periodised meal plans tailored to suit your own likes/dislikes and training regime.

·    Ideal for those wanting to achieve their ideal body composition.
·    Aimed to cycle for around 1 month (depending on success of body composition changes).
3Carbohydrate Loading Plan for Performance24 hours£  15.00 
  3 days£  30.00 
  7 days£  50.00 
4Body Composition Analysis £  25.00 
 Full ISAK 8-site skinfold assessment, inc. height & weight providing a resultant body fat in mm.
5Full Package Deal £100.00 
·    Initial Consultation with 3-day food diary analysis

·    Weekly check-ins via ‘phone
·    Personalised diet-plan to outline ideal intake requirements
·    30-day support period, via unlimited emails
·    End of month Re-assessment consultation.
6Race Day Package £  60.00 
 For competing athletes.   


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What is Sports Nutrition?