Sports Performance Screening

These sessions help take your performance to the next level by finding the cause of reoccurring pain or problem and equipping you with the treatment and rehabilitation pathway to be your best.

You will work with an experienced Sports Therapy Practitioner who understands your sport’s needs and demands on your body. They will take a full history and discuss your goals before taking you through a bespoke performance screen. The screen is individually designed and contains sport-specific movement and clinical testing from which we can identify what is contributing to your difficulties.

We provide you with easy-to-understand measurables and outline a recommended progressive pathway for improvement, comprising of exercise prescription, recommendations for change in training or lifestyle, hands-on treatment, or supervised exercise progression.

There’s enough information for you to make a start straight away and decide how you wish to continue from there – you can get started with the recommendations and carry on the good work with your Sports Therapist for supervised help thereafter.


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