Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy?


Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy?

It can be difficult to choose the correct treatment approach for your need.  If you need any assistance you just need to Contact Us.

Physiotherapists aim to increase function and independence in daily living, whereas Sports Therapy focuses more on whether the patient has returned to or can maintain the required physical level for whatever sporting activity they would like to carry out.

Physiotherapists have a very broad knowledge base and medical background/experience.  Their advanced skillset enables them to treat a wide variety of injuries and ages.  In addition to musculoskeletal problems such as chronic back pain, they are able to understand a wide range of illnesses and diseases with their comprehensive knowledge and treatment options.

Sports Therapists have a very specific and in-depth knowledge into the mechanisms behind injury, whether in sport or day-to-day life.  Their treatment approach is very hands-on and covers a range of practical interventions such as sports massage and joint mobilisations.  Sports Therapists also have an extensive understanding into exercise rehabilitation for all walks of life including elite level sport.


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