Stephen’s story – sudden lower back pain

Treatment with Biggleswade Osteopath Ollie Eaton at the Rehab Hub

Stephen, of Biggleswade Bedfordshire, sustained an injury to his lower back when lifting his child. This resulted in severe pain, disturbed sleep and an inability to move with ease. The outcome having to take time off work and unable to participate in daily activities at home.


Initial Telehealth appointment

Stephen contacted us two days after his injury and Georgie assessed him via our Telehealth service. Due to the severe nature of some of his symptoms in Stephen’s best interests he was referred straight to A&E. After the all clear, Stephen got back in contact and we arranged a follow-up telehealth appointment. Stephen was given some exercises to complete daily and was risk assessed for a face to face visit with our osteopath, Ollie. We decided that due to the debilitating effects of his injury that Stephen would benefit from manual therapy in the clinic. 


Ollie completed the initial physical assessment and diagnosed Stephen with a lumbar (lower back) strain. Ollie used a blend of osteopathic treatments including soft tissue therapies and mobilisations to specific joints. He was also given an updated exercise plan and movement advice to carry out at home in between his sessions with Ollie.


Five days after his initial appointment Stephen was delighted at how far he had come in such little time. He was back at work, doing light household tasks once more, and playing with his children again.  He was also able to sleep better and could stop his pain medication. Ollie has seen some great improvements in Stephens progress in clinic as well, such as increased range of movement and reduced pain in testing.

Future goals

Stephen and Ollie are working together to continually improve his range of movement and muscular tone. From here, Stephen can then start strengthening exercises to improve overall muscular condition and spinal stability.

Amy Mai-Stratton
MSc Student Sports Therapist

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