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Recovering from injury the Olympian way – rehabilitations to inspire you

Dated: 1 July 2024

With the 2024 Paris Olympics upon us, we are drawing inspiration from athletes who have faced adversity in the run up to the Games, to understand how they have coped with the difficulties an injury has thrown their way, and what we can learn from them.

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How to make the most of your off-season (whatever your sport!)

Dated: 1 June 2024

The off-season, where you have reached the end of your fixtures, gives you an opportunity to rest, recover, resolve any repeat niggles or injuries, and prepare for the season ahead.

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Ben – running analysis and coaching

Dated: 15 May 2024

Ben came to see Tom Boggon for an Observational Running Analysis, which is a comprehensive assessment of running gait, strength and technique. In the first session Tom was able to identify some key issues that could easily be remedied with some drill work, guidance, and strength work.

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Simple ways to mix up your movement in May

Dated: 1 May 2024

Over the last few weeks, we have met many patients struggling with a variety of injuries, but we have particularly been helping people with their backs.

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Joely – back injury

Dated: 15 April 2024

Joely’s recovery from a back injury is an example of how we often work with people who are in a great deal of pain and understandably fearful when they first come to us.

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Avoid gardening injuries this spring with our top tips

Dated: 1 April 2024

Each Spring, from the Easter half-term break and as we head into the May bank holidays, we see lots of people who are in pain and worried about injuries that have happened whilst working in the garden.

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Hayley – running related chronic calf problems

Dated: 5 March 2024

Hayley has been a runner for years without any major issue getting in the way of her regular runs, but was starting to experience pain and cramping in both calves just a few kilometres into every session. She had tried stretching, massages, and foam rolling – all the normal things, […]

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A running specialist’s tips for enjoyable and injury-free running this spring

Dated: 1 March 2024

Whatever your running experience and goals for this year, the fundamentals of enjoying your running, staying safe, and injury-free are the same.

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Jake – groin strain

Dated: 15 February 2024

Jake came to us back in April, complaining of pain which affected both sides of his groin and had been a real struggle for the last two months. He is a competitive footballer – playing at quite a high level, and the pain was really starting to impact upon his […]

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Top tips for getting back on track with your new year health and fitness resolutions

Dated: 1 February 2024

For many people the start of a new year marks the end of an over-indulgent festive break and might involve some new health and fitness goals.

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Mike – complex pain and daily living

Dated: 15 January 2024

We would like to tell you about Mike, who came to us in April with the goals of being in less pain, to build better core strength, be more active, and to reduce his dependency on a walking stick. Mike wasn’t trying to get back to a sport, he just […]

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All you need to know about private treatment here at the Rehab Hub

Dated: 1 January 2024

We know that seeking help for an injury or problem can be daunting for many reasons. This is because some of our patients who are now feeling much better, tell us that they were originally cautious of beginning private treatment, and they are now able to share those early concerns with us.

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